Town in the valley of river Labe. First mentioned in 13rd century. In the beginning of 17th century was the town an important mining town and administrative centre of extensive rule.

Vrchlabí has been a town since the year 1533. The important building is chateau built in half of 16th century by Kryštof from Gendorf. Other interesting buildings are Renaissance town-hall from the year 1591, lately Baroque rebuilt, and church of St. Augustýn from the beginning of 18th century. In the neigbourhood of town square a lot of typical old houses.

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Church in VrchlabíChurch in Vrchlabí
Chateau in VrchlabíChateau in Vrchlabí
Chateau in Vrchlabí
Small chapel of St. Anna near VrchlabíSmall chapel of St. Anna near Vrchlabí
Small chapel of St. Anna near Vrchlabí